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OPTIMUM INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, INC., was organized for the purpose of bringing honesty, integrity and professionalism back to the forefront of the investigative industry.


Our goal is to provide the best investigators, investigative services and techniques in order to cater to your specific needs.


OPTIMUM INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, INC., will tailor make a product just for you in order to give you what you want as opposed to what we offer or something you don’t need.


While some investigative companies advertise or market to you that they are “nationwide companies“, we at OPTIMUM INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, INC.,  have organized and partnered with multiple professional and successful investigative companies throughout several cities and states in the Continental U.S.A. and Puerto Rico for the purpose of giving you the best possible product in the industry.


These investigative partners have been selected by us personally because of our longterm relationships, professionalism, honesty, integrity, strong ethics as well as having a good track record in the investigative industry.


You have our word that each and every investigation will be handled under our supervision, leadership and guidance to insure that you receive a quality product.


Copies of all license and insurance will be available at your request for all of the companies affiliated with OPTIMUM INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, INC.


This is a WIN; WIN situation for everyone involved under this umbrella of services provided by OPTIMUM INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, INC., .

We look forward to meeting with you in the near future to discuss all of the great services that OPTIMUM INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, INC.,  has to offer.

Walter M. Reddick, Jr.

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